Digital Archaeology

Digital Archaeology

We dig into the existing code to ensure an effective take over

About the service

Our experienced Senior developers are able to analyze your existing software assets to ensure an effective knowledge transfer, software maintenance and evolution. Regardless of the level of documentation, we get an unbiased perspective of the source code and plan for new features. For us, rising to the challenge of reverse engineering any existing software is like playing the game on hard mode.

Our Principles

A different perspective on existing software

We see the source code and all project assets as archaeological evidences with intrinsic value and make decisions based on them, not on subjective opinions.

Instead of comparing technologies or proposing doing things in a whole different way, our 20+ years of experience will bring the most effective solution.

We will study the existing source code and understand the foundations of the developed software to pave the way for a seamless design and implement new features. Our intention is to start coding, not to execute a process. If we can fix bugs on day one, we will do it.

Our Archaeology Approach

Our main objective is saving you time and money. That’s why we do not judge nor underestimate old software. We know it can be very stable and already comply with business rules. In Digital Archaeology projects, we want to start coding, testing and fixing bugs as soon as possible, regardless of:

The Technology

With our unbiased perspective, we study the source code and understand the foundations of the developed software, without judging the technology.


Even if there is no documentation on the software, if we can start coding on the first day we will do it. We want to have a seamless and fast process.

The Challenge

We are experienced Senior developers that enjoy reverse engineering any existing software. For us, this is like playing the game on hard mode.

Digital Archaeology Process