Generative AI

Generative AI

Enterprise AI solutions that add real value to your business

Generative AI is here to stay

This is why it is being adopted by all kinds of companies

Generative AI, distinct from traditional AI models, introduces a broad spectrum of opportunities for businesses integrating it into their operations. These models leverage creativity and “reasoning”, making them versatile for numerous applications. For example, Generative AI is useful to process extensive datasets—such as contracts, databases, and financial reports—to extract insights or automate tasks, saving significant human labor. Additionally, the integration of Large Language Models with vision capabilities can enhance manual business processes, such as interpreting and digitizing data from paper documents. These are only a few use cases where Generative AI can be helpful in the enterprise world.

At CloudX we have developed proficiency in Generative AI by first implementing it in our internal areas, and then putting this knowledge to the service of our clients. We have developed an array of tools powered by this technology, boosting the efficiency of our clients’ workforces every day.

Talk to Enterprise: a use case of Generative AI Agents
Talk to Enterprise: a use case of Generative AI Agents

About the service

We do not just create Generative AI software. We implant AI into your ecosystem in a way that makes sense and adds real value to your business. At CloudX, our approach to this technology is grounded in practicality: we are actively using Generative AI to address real-world challenges faced by our clients.

Our team of experts specialize in the development of complex solutions leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs). We will design and implement a solution that is specifically tailored for your company’s needs. If you are uncertain about how Generative AI can address the challenges your business faces, we provide a fully customized assessment. During this assessment, we will deeply understand your unique business requirements and identify areas or processes where Generative AI can boost your productivity and increase your revenue.


Our Generative AI Development team uses a diverse array of state-of-the-art technologies to bring your projects to life. We leverage Multimodal Large Language Models, which can process and interpret various file formats such as text, images, video and audio.

Our tech stack includes—but is not limited to—prompt engineering practices, OpenAI APIs, open source GPT models, LLM observability tools, and vector databases for semantic search. We enhance our Generative AI solutions with model fine-tuning and model grounding techniques such as Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and In-Context Learning (ICL), making LLMs more flexible and adaptable. RAG ensures our LLM uses up-to-date knowledge outside of its training data, while ICL lets our model learn from new information on the spot.


We offer solutions harnessing the potential of AI to automate processes, improve customer experience and increase efficiency. Some of them are:

Talk to your Enterprise

A Natural Language gateway to talk to all your company assets as well as the external world. Get answers to complex questions that require combining information from multiple sources (databases, company documents, ERPs, multimedia, and more).

Document harmonization

Enhance document management by using Generative AI to standardize documents and templates from multiple variants, reducing manual effort and ensuring uniformity across all organizational documents.

Vision-enhanced automation

Use AI with vision capabilities to streamline data entry and analysis. By processing and interpreting images, this technology can digitize handwritten documents and extract valuable insights from images, to name a few.

Generative AI Process